Saturday, January 28, 2012

Oh My Aching Bunion!!

Oh those painful bunions!!  The price we girls are willing to pay for wearing those adorable shores!  Why do we do this to ourselves and we do it to the point some must have surgery to correct the foot and walk without excrutiating pain!  Before you take drastic measures try essential oils first! 

I had the beginning of a bunion and I was forced to give up my delicious girly shoes as it was just too painful to even put them on let alone walk around in them.  Yes, I'm a weenie and couldn't take it!

I pulled out my Modern Essential guide and saw that Cypress was listed as one of the oils to use because of its ability to improve the body's circulation and is crucial for healing.  Also to be used directly on the bunion is Lemongrass, Wintergreen, AromaTouch, and Deep Blue, Past Tense or Immortelle for severe pain.  Below are some simple steps to follow so you can start taking regular steps again!
  •   Balance Essential Oil on the back of the neck
  •   Layer 2 drops each twice a day:
    • Cypress
    • Wintergreen (works on bone pain)
    • Lemongrass
    • AromoTouch
  • For additional pain relief
    • Deep Blue or
    • Past Tense or
    • Immortelle
doTerra essential oils are powerful and potent. Each body is different and the bunions may disappear in weeks or it could be months.  Mine completely disappeared after 3 months of applying the oils.  I feel it would have been sooner if I was more compliant about using the oils daily in the morning and before I went to bed.  It was so gradual I didn't notice until I went to try on my favorite pair of black patent peep toes and the bunion was gone!  I hope your experience is the same! 

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